Aesthetic Medicine Services

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Southside Medical Care Division of Aesthetic Services offers the latest in skin treatment, wrinkle reduction and spa services.

Although a relative newcomer in the field of medicine, Aesthetic Medicine has benefited from a great deal of contemporary research over the last twenty years and is now able to provide a variety of treatment options. These include non-invasive and preventative therapies as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Not everyone "of a certain age" in metro Atlanta is "getting work done," however, it may seem that way when you see the ubiquitous ads for aesthetic care. So, why become just another aesthetic provider? Well, we noticed that we had a large number of patients asking where they could get cosmetic procedures done, and others who were relaying negative experiences with other providers. We wanted to be able to advise them about these procedures, as well as feel confident in the care they would receive. So, why not provide the care ourselves? The fact that we ourselves are "of a certain age" is also a motivating factor.

We also offer products from reputable medical skin care lines. It is no secret how much women (and men to a certain extent) spend on skin care products, so we feel this is an important aspect of the service. The product lines we carry have good reputations, name recognition and do not require large purchases to get started.

Southside Medical Care will continue to strive to make our patients more beautiful on the inside and out. We will continue to learn a lot, have some fun, and keep our bodies well maintained and our complexions glowing!

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